The role of PET release film in production

Release Time:2023-05-23

Release film is coated with silicone release agent on the surface of environmental protection material PE/OPP/PET film, so that it can show a very light and stable release force, used for various organic pressure sensing adhesives, different organic pressure sensing adhesives, such as: hot melt adhesives, pressure adhesives, rubber system pressure sensing adhesives, etc... The release force required for the release film is different, and the release film is also called peeling film, separator film, separation film, release film, silicone oil film, anti-stick film. In the process of daily production of double-sided adhesive, PET release film plays an important role and role, today I will share with you the role of PET release film in production.


For example, die-cutting double-sided tape needs to use release film, the main characteristics of release film are coating uniformity, high residue, flatness and high cleanliness.


1. High residual succession: In addition to silicone oil formulation, coating conditions and substrate treatment conditions, it is also necessary to strengthen the technical services of silicone oil plants.


2. Coating uniformity: PET release film should be evenly coated. In addition to selecting the appropriate solvent and controlling the concentration, viscosity and volatilization time of the coating agent, the coating equipment is very important. Most domestic coating plants do not control solventborne silicone oil very well. The rainbow phenomenon usually occurs. The technical service of the silicone oil plant also needs to be strengthened, in addition to the technical and analytical ability of coating to enhance its own technology.


3. Cleanliness: In order to improve the cleanliness of the product, there are several parts that need to be controlled. The first is the cleanliness and dust removal device of the base film, followed by the setting of the dust-free workshop, and then the dust removal device of the slitting equipment to improve the cleanliness of the product. In fact, it can also reduce the weight peel of the release film.


4. Flatness: Coating flatness coating equipment is very important. In addition, the deployment of silicone oil is also very important. Most domestic paint factories do not control solvent-based silicone oil very well.


Transparent PET release film is a kind of packaging film with comprehensive performance. It has good transparency and luster; It has good air tightness and aroma protection; Medium moisture resistance, low temperature moisture permeability is reduced.


PET release film has excellent mechanical properties, and its strength and toughness are much higher than ordinary films among all thermoplastics; Moreover, it has good strength and stable size, and is suitable for secondary processing such as printing and paper bags. It also has good heat resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance and oil resistance. But it is not resistant to strong bases; It is easy to generate static electricity, there is no suitable anti-static method, so pay attention when packaging powder.