Introduction of the Functional Properties of PET Films

Release Time:2023-05-04

PET is a short form of plastic, PET plastic is usually used in food, medicine and other packaging; can be used as packaging bottles, such as cosmetics bottles, medicine bottles and so on; can also be used in automotive parts, mechanical equipment, etc., can be said to be very useful.

PET film is a kind of plastic film, it has the characteristics of PET plastic, specifically, the characteristics of PET film:

1. Good transparency and luster;

2. Excellent air tightness and aroma retention;

3. Strong resistance is the best of all plastics.

4. Excellent heat and cold resistance;

5. oil resistance is also excellent.

6. Not resistant to strong alkali, and easy to carry static electricity.

PET film can be divided into: high brightness film, transport film, reflective film, coating film, antistatic film, thermal sealing film and so on. It can select suitable film according to different needs.