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Zhongshan Hongyi Film Technology Co., Ltd


Zhongshan Hongyi Film Technology Co., Ltd. has excellent management and technology team as well as efficient and simplified staff team. It is one of the domestic manufacturers of special BOPET polyester film. With the mission of “Make Constant Improvement, Wholeheartedly Provide the Best Service for Customers”, the company invests a large amount of capital in improving the original equipment and upgrades some accessories and infrastructure facilities, so that the product quality is more ideal, the company has two BOPET polyester film production lines, annual production thickness of 12um ~ 180um BOPET polyester film 15000 tons.

The company has a total plant area of 23,000 square meters and has 2 modern plants which are equipped with the most advanced PET film production equipment. It mainly produces polyester film, matte PET film, oyster white PET film, matte silver dragon label base film, etc. All the more than 100 staff has received professional training. The company boasts its abundant technical strength. It not only can guarantee the product quality but also is fast and accurate in delivery, being one of the PET producers that the customers prefer.