How to repair the broken release film

Release Time:2023-05-23

The release film will be damaged during use and preservation, and its damage in use can be temporarily repaired and permanently repaired. Temporary repair methods include water repair and paper repair method. Water replenishment method: scrub the damaged area, cut a piece of release film without holes slightly larger than the broken place, dip in water and paste it on the hole, drain the air between the two membranes, and press flat. Paper repair method, agricultural film slightly damaged, with paper dipped in water and pasted on the damaged place while wet, generally can be used for about 10d.

The permanent repair method of the light blue release film is as follows: the broken film after the shed is dismantled and the permanent repair method is used. If the thicker membrane is damaged, it can be covered with a membrane of the same texture on the upper flap surface and connected with a thin line. You can also wash the damaged place, cover the hole with a slightly larger release film, and then cover it with 2-3 layers of newspaper, gently iron it along the interface with an electric iron, and the two films will stick together after being cooled by heat paste, this method is called hot repair method.

In addition, there is a green release film glue repair method, we clean its hole around, use a brush to apply glue to the film, after 3-5 minutes, take a piece of the same texture release film and paste it on it, the glue can be glued after drying. The hot repair method and the glue repair method have good film repair effect, and the sewing repair method not only leaks, but also is easy to pull open, and it is best not to use the release film with a thick texture.